Our Approach

Strategic, business and operational planning is about choices and decisions that are faced by all types of enterprises, from private sector businesses, to governments and other public sector agencies, to not-for profit and voluntary sector organisations. ‘Customers’ may be viewed as clients, citizens, patients, taxpayers, donors or in other non-commercial terms; but the choices and decisions related to successful and effective strategic direction and planning and meeting their needs still must be made.

In today’s complex world, these choices and decisions must take into account not just the needs of customers and shareholders, but also the needs of ‘key stakeholders’ – the wider community that is engaged in some way with the organisation.

To develop and implement Exceptional Planning that results in Extraordinary Performance, we have learned through experience and research that performance targets can only be achieved when there is significant alignment between Three Spheres of Performance© — Strategy, Operations and People

I have known Andy for more than five years. He is an advisor to our firm and its owners. Andy is way more than an accountant. He has given Stephen Thomas Ltd (35 employees) excellent small business advice. He researches the satisfaction of our clients and staff each year. He is very involved in our annual and long term planning. The firm has done increasingly well over the last few years and Andy has played a major role in that growth. Andy is pleasant, cheerful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I do not hesitate to recommend him to you.

Steve ThomasChair and Founder, Stephen Thomas Ltd.

The Halifax Global team completed their assignment on time and on budget and fulfilled the objectives of the study.  Team members were very knowledgeable, accountable to the steering committee, and flexible with respect to evolving terms of reference.  We would not hesitate to engage them again in another project or recommend them to other clients.

Brian Tocheri, CAOTown of Marathon, ON

Halifax Global is by far the most competent and knowledgeable consulting firm with which I’ve had the pleasure to work. The company continually goes the extra mile to provide top quality work, on time and on budget.

Marli MacNeilExecutive Director, BioNova

I was pleased with the attention to detail, the comprehensive follow-up and the process flexibility, taking the needs of our organization into consideration as we executed the work plan.  Overall, Halifax Global enabled a focused learning experience for the CCRW and we are very pleased with the end product.

Carol BaronFormer Executive Director, CCRW

The professionalism with which the stakeholder consultations and our strategic planning session were conducted brought credibility to the outcome.  I especially liked the business perspective that was woven into our strategic plan. Halifax Global exceeded our expectations.

Nadine GauvinExecutive Director, Southern Gulf of St.-Lawrence Coalition in Sustainability

ISI engaged Halifax Global initially to carry out an operational review of our collaborative procurement process and then to support us in the implementation of the new process. The consulting team provided guidance and worked with ISI and its members in a collaborative and engaging manner to achieve an environment for process enhancements beyond the scope of the project.

Dave DavidsonCEO, Interuniversity Services Inc.

I was tremendously impressed by the strategic planning work that you’ve done over the past few years with the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve been involved in quite a few different strategic planning efforts at many different levels and you have done the best job of facilitating that work that I’ve ever seen. You do a tremendous amount of ground work in advance to make sure that the sessions are effective and productive and, in running them, you have provided exactly the right mix of prompting, pushing and stepping back where appropriate. I will be sure to recommend Halifax Global and you personally should anyone be looking for support for their strategic planning efforts.

Captain Angus TopsheeBase Commander, CFB Halifax and Director, Halifax Chamber of Commerce