Business plans can only be considered successful when the implementation of related activities creates better outcomes for your organization and your customers.

By J.A. Cutten

Business Voice, March 2010

When employees buy in, their actions have a direct and measureable effect on the satisfaction of clients. It’s very powerful when you can demonstrably connect the dots between proactive employee behavior and an increase in customer satisfaction.
Over the past three years, I have worked with a business services provider that, back in the 1980s, was truly a Blue Oceans innovator who had built a marketplace leadership position in Canada.

However, by 2006 there was little differentiation between this company and its competitors. The marketplace was in a state of uncertainty as traditional services weren’ meeting the demands of a younger and more sophisticated client audience. Both employee and client turnover were at unacceptably high levels and morale within the company was slipping. A new CEO was brought in to revitalize the company and its service offerings.

Shortly after I started working with them, I interviewed all employees. The results were sobering and provided invaluable input into the development of a four-pronged business improvement effort:

  • Set the company’s vision, goals and related plans;
  • Excel in all facets of communication;
  • Launch a revitalized and meaningful commitment to employees; and
  • Retain and grow the customer base.

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