Chris Hornberger Discusses Mental Health Champions: Workplace Wellness in Action

November 15, 2021

Chris Hornberger, executive coach and management consultant and a founding partner of Halifax Global Inc. together with Kathy McKee, Executive Director of the NSCDA and Connie Corse, Training Manager of the NSCDA discuss "Mental Health Champions: Workplace wellness in action" in CareerWise Weekly.


In the course of a day, career development professionals (CDPs) hear many stories from their clients –stories of joy and hope, and stories of pain and sorrow. The emotional highs and lows these stories provoke are part of the job, but they take their emotional toll. While workplaces can lend support and empathy to CDPs, they can also be places where compassion fatigue runs rampant, and where CDPs struggle with their own mental health issues while in service to others.

Recognizing that our members were becoming more and more susceptible to compassion fatigue, burnout and stress, and based on a needs assessment undertaken in 2016, the NSCDA embarked on an ambitious new initiative. We set out to create a network of Mental Health Champions throughout Nova Scotia Works (NSW), a province-wide system of job search and career advice centres.

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