What We Do

Halifax Global Inc. works with clients in public, private and not-for-profit settings to develop, implement and execute strategic, business and operational plans that deliver practical and sustainable outcomes.

Executive Services

We work with executives at the highest levels of government, business and academia, in smaller ventures and communities, and with large agencies to smaller not-for-profit groups. Our clients span manufacturing and service businesses, forest products and energy, and included cooperatives and not-for-profit community service agencies, health care and government services, and community and economic development organizations.

Our engagements involve strategy development and business planning, executive coaching, advisory services, public policy development and board governance.

Organisational Services

Organisations face changing markets, business, policy and operational environments constantly. To help clients understand these challenges and devise workable new strategies, directions and solutions, Halifax Global Inc. brings significant sector knowledge, along with extensive consulting and senior executive experience to its clients.

Our experience has taught us to listen, and to ask insightful questions that penetrate to the realities of client organizations. We have also learned through our experience and research that performance targets can only be achieved when there is significant alignment between Three Spheres of Performance© -- Strategy, Operations and People!

We help our clients achieve that alignment through effective, practical operational, process and people planning, through implementation planning and support, by undertaking research-based feasibility studies and through economic, financial and people focused sustainability planning.

Case Studies