Peter Milley Delivers Two Presentations at BioFor International 2017 in Montréal, QC

February 22, 2017

Peter’s first presentation, “Accelerating the Bioeconomy Through Pulp Mill Transformation – Challenges and Issues: Liverpool, NS and Other Cases” addresses:

  • Challenges and Imbalances – changing markets, industry structures, policies
  • Lessons from dead pulp mills – repurposing/community adjustment assignments
  • The Liverpool case – leveraging available assets and advantages
  • New Directions – how do we get to a new, sustainable industry structure?

Peter’s second presentation, “Policy and Techno-Innovation Impacts on Forest Bioeconomy Advancement” is based primarily on his academic research at Queen’s University and explores the relationships between the policy, technology, infrastructure and innovation environments and how these interactions can constrain or advance the development of forest biorefineries and the forest bioeconomy.

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